Sunday, June 1, 2014

Deadline reached! + Extra week : Robin Tunney Birthday Project 2014

 Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas,

Here we are, The official deadline is reached! 
Today is supposed to be the last day to send me your part for the project.

However, i will give you an extra week to send me your part for those who really need it.

TUESDAY JUNE 10th will be the VERY last day to send me your part, i won’t accept anything after

28 Tunnies on 56 sent me their part.
So  Keep coming & don’t forget!
still accepting new participants too

and please, don’t forget to put your name, country & twitter name (if you have) on the e-mail.
and if you have "bloopers" of your video, you can send if you want too ;)

~~ Robin is Our Queen ~~

PS: You can also check the list to be sure i didn't make any mistake on your name and all :)

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