Sunday, June 1, 2014

Songs list : Robin Tunney Birthday Project 2014

Dear Tunnies & Mentalistas,

Putting the songs list for the video of this year here. Like that for those who still need to do your part you can be inspire by the music ;) 
Also, you can tell me which cover you prefer for the ones who have many possibilities (keep in mind we want something that move ;) )

  • "Happy"(original by Pharrell Williams) --->  (x)
  • "Birthday"(original by Katy Perry) ---> (x) 
  • "Party Rock Anthem"(Original by LMFAO) ---> (x)
  • "Euphoria"(Original by Loreen) ---> (x)
  •  "Stunning Angel Robin"(Original by Tunnie Valentina  )

Here it is! I hope you like this list...? 

Also if you have songs ideas, tell me ;)

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