Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Robin Tunney ! video with fans 2013

Happy Birthday Robin Tunney !!!

Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas!

Here we are again! We're June 19th (in France & some other parts in the world)
On this day, 41 years ago, our Angel, our Queen was born. 

I think we should also take a minute to thanks Mama & Daddy Tunney to have created such a Wonderful, Amazing, Nice, Awesome, Stunning, Adorable, Funny, Gorgeous, Talented and Flawless Woman. 

So today, it's once again time to spread our Love to our Lovely Queen, Robin. Let's the party started!
And for this, I have this year again, a video with all the Tunnies around the world wishing our Robin a happy birthday! (+ love messages)

I'm very happy that 124 Tunnies joined the project this year and the video do a little more than 27 min :)

I hope you all will like it. i'm still not a pro at sony vegas (last time was last year birthday video lol)
and i hope it won't have to much mistakes and i won't have forgotten anyone, as i got a bit mixed up at some point (i'm really sorry in advance if there is)
I'm always trying to do the best i can, so i hope it will be good enough ;)
I also tried to be a bit different than last year so you'll see (especially the end haha!)
THANK YOU to all the fans who participated to this project this year, you all have been Amazing and i was happy to do this again :D

Special thanks to @RFewTimeT who still was here to tell me how things was ;)

Special BIG Thanks also at our 2 Guests of the video that gladly accepted to be part of it : Tangie Ambrose (@TangieAmbrose) Guest on Mentalist as Sam and Maggie Egan (@maggieegan55) Guest on Mentalist as Poly Datch.

well, i think i said everything. We just have to hope that Robin will see it (i still didn't send the package because of some problems but i should do it this friday, Robin is in France anyway ;) )

Thank you all!
Thank you Robin to be such an inspiration and role model to all of us. You're our Everything <3

Happy Birthday Robin ! Hope you'll have a wonderful day :)


Video edited by me ( Victoria-lynn alias @Totorsg)

Songs: - The Journey +Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Song (Untitled #1) by  Socci and Pency (
- "Green Eyes" Cover by Tommy Millerh ( )
- "Smile" Cover by BAMtheAlexMan (
 - "Ain't she sweet" Cover by  thispenguin ( )
- "Pretty Woman" Cover by Jesse Hite ( )
- "Suddenly i see" Cover by Kayley Hughes (
- " Without you" Cover by Max Schneider (
- "Firework" Cover by Boyce Avenue (
- " Your song" Cover by  Andrew M and Aram Al-Afif (
- " We Go Together" Grease 

PS: sorry for the delay, i got some technical problems, i'm uploading the video since 10am this morning -_-' (it's 8pm here now)

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