Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Package : Robin Tunney Birthday Project 2013

Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas ,

So, i think it is time to show you the package i will send to Robin with what will be in it.
I'm a bit late on my planning, i didn't sent the package yet as i didn't finished the video yet either... :/
I have unfotunately some not so fun personal issues going on right now (those who follow me on twitter know about it) 
But i just have the information to add on the photos so it shouldn't take too long anymore...

So here is the package with the extra gifts i talked to you at the very beginning of the project :)

 The CD Cover
Extra Gifts
The bracelet was made by my cousin's girlfriend :) she has a little jewelry shop on internet

Better look of it.

The Tunnies T-Shirt

Novella, Chibi & Van knew about the t-shirt as it is the same i offered them for "christmas" ;)

Hope you like the package. too bad the post hadn't a pretty enveloppe like last year...

~~ Robin is our Queen ~~