Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Big day tomorrow! Robin Tunney Birthday!

Hello Tunnies & Mentallistas!

how are you?
Just a little post to remind you that is Robin’s Birthday and you’ll finally be able to see the video of this year :) I hope you’ll all like it.

I still didn’t send the package (i got some technical problem to burn the video on the CD -_-’ i will normally be able to send it this friday, anyway she’s in France right now so… )
Be ready to party!
and stay tune! ;)

~~ Robin Is Our Queen ~~

PS: i don’t really know what time i’ll post the vid. last year i did it at like 8am in France but on youtube it put that i posted it on June 18th -_-’ so maybe i will wait when June 19th will begin on the US west coast, hoping it is maybe that and so will be the right date on the video this time. i’ll see. In same time i’ll be out of home for lunch and certainly in the afternoon so… i will certainly have to post it in the morning anyway (around 10 am maybe).


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  2. Can't wait to see the final result though I'm sure it will be beautiful.