Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End : Robin Tunney Birthday Project 2013

 Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas! 

It’s definitely over to send me your video or photo. i’m not accepting anything from now on.
I’m sorry for those who couldn’t make it but I think i’ve been annoying enough with my constant reminder lol ;) and gave you time as long as i could.

I’m also sorry if there is people who sent me their part and i didn’t receive it. It seemed to have done that a lot this year, i don’t know why, so i’m very sorry but if you worked with me and my reminders we in the end found a solution…

THANK YOU to the 124 Tunnies who sent me their videos, photos & voices.  
You Rock!
Now, it’s time for me to put everything together, i hope you’ll all love the finished video of this year and i’ll shoud see you in more or less a week to show you the package ready to be send to Robin.

~~ Robin is Our Queen ~~

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