Monday, March 10, 2014

Projects of this year: In? not In? which one to do? Pushing back one to next year?

Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas,

I should have updated and posted months ago on here, but let's just say that... things happened, I was more trying to focus on myself and get back on track than anything else... I still am in some ways...

Anyway, I actually wanted to talk about the projects with you (yes, you read right, there is an "s". Go there to check about them ---> here).
I wanted to know if you were still in for these projects... if you WANT to do ALL of them this year ... but it might be too much, so maybe push back at least one (considering that the wedding one is not optional as we know that Robin certainly will be getting married this summer) 

Basically, The Wedding Project and The Christmas Project would be the two main/bigger ones.
The Birthday Project was in my mind a little more "optional" to just keep the "tradition" we instituted two years ago and so would be a very easy and quick one with an idea of a kind of a fun little dancing/ Worldwide Tunnies Party/Harlem shake video.

SO, I think we could push back The Christmas Project to next year and keep The Birthday Project in addition to The Wedding Project, if you’re fond of "the bday video tradition" (as i know some of you are)….
I think i'm personally kinda for this option

OR, You want to do The Christmas Project in addition to The Wedding Project and so skip the Birthday Project for this year.

OR, also just focus on  The Wedding Project this year and that's all.

Here it is, wanting to lay down the projects to you. Now you know everything, so just tell me what you want to do.
Really, really tell me, I need your feedback on this because if I put myself in these, I need to know that you will really follow up and not back off on me.

So, now, just comment below or tell me on tumblr/twitter what you think about all of this quickly, so I can open the project(s).


  1. Hello there!:)
    In my opinion, three projects might be too much in the course of a year.
    Personally, I'd stick to one project, that way, people could concentrate in doing one thing, and you wouldn't scatter participants.
    Maybe the birthday and wedding projects could be put together. Her bday is mid June, and since we don't know precisely when her wedding will be (could be late June, July or August) why not kill two birds with one stone? ;D

    1. yes, they would be put together anyway ;)
      and so far people seems to want to do the bday & wedding one this year...

  2. I would do the wedding project :)

  3. How would do both together?Would have to send two photos and one for the birthday aoutra for marriage?