Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Songs List : Robin Tunney Birthday Project 2013

Dear Tunnies & Mentalistas,

I'm finally able to post you the list of the songs that will be use for the video. So with my thoughts, your suggestions and the opinion of my Official Personal Advisor since last year, i settled on those songs: 

  • "Suddenly I see"(original by KT Tunstall) ---> (x)
  • "Green Eyes"(original by Coldplay) ---> (x) or (x) I'm not 100% sure of which one to use here. Tell me which one you prefer ;)
  • "Pretty Woman"(Original by Roy orbison) ---> (x)
  • "Without You"(Original by Usher) ---> (x)
  • "Ain't She Sweet"(Original by the Beatles) ---> (x)
  • "Your Song"(Original by Elton John) ---> (x)
  • "Smile"(Original by Uncle Kracker) ---> (x)

The "Maybe" Songs:
The songs that i'm not 100% sure about and there are in reserve if i need more songs.
  • "A Thousand Year"(Original by Christina Perry) ---> (x) or (x)
  • "Firework"(Original by Katy Perry) ---> (x)
  • "When I Look At You"(Original by Miley Cyrus) ---> (x)

Here it is! I hope you like this list...?

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