Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4 days left + Preview of my part

Hello guys!

Well, i’m giving you a little preview of my part, as i’m seeing all of yours, i think it is fair for me to show you a bit of my part ;)

Even if i’m keeping it a bit mysterious, because there are things i did that’s supposed to be a surprise, so i couldn’t really show too much of what i actually did.
I want to tell you other things but… no, you’ll see by yourself on June 19th ;p

For the pretty much 76 participants who still haven’t send me their part, i’m counting very much on you… so don’t forget to send it! there is 4 days left :)

And of course, i’m always accepting new participants from the moment i have everything at the deadline ;)

~~ Robin Is Our Queen ~~

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