Saturday, May 25, 2013

1 week left: Robin Tunney Birthday Project 2013

 Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas, 

You have  1 Week left to send me your part!
So don't forget! I'll begin to work on the video this week. i'm doing my part right now.
We should be 125 Participants
it is still possible to join, from the moment i have your part for June 1st, i'm accepting new people :)
On those participants, 43 Tunnies already sent me their part so keep sending!

 I'm counting on you the 125 participants :)

If you didn't see, i posted the Songs List ---> (x)

Don't hesitate to check the participants list here , if there is mistake on your name, twitter... don't hesitate to tell me because it will be like that on the video.
You maybe also can name the file your sending me with your Name, Country & Twitter name right away, it could avoid any mistake from my part when i have to rename the file. ;)

  The deadline to send me your stuffs is June 1st

You shouls all receive a personal reminder for the participants on the list ;)
  • Thanks to the people who already sent me their stuffs and those who will be part of this project for our Robin.
Reblog, tweet, Link, Spread the word.

Robin is our Queen <3  

PS: Also don't forget to vote Robin Tunney as "The Most Glamorous Actress of the year" (award given at Monte Carlo Festival) So Go Vote! (here) and (here)
Click on the circle next to her name and then the yellow button with "voter" on it 

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