Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Projects Opening! + Rules

Hello Tunnies! 

After the little "poll" I made around asking you what you wanted to do (see the last post)
The result came up with... you want to do a Birhday Project 2014 in addition to The Wedding Project
We'll keep Christmas project for next year ;)

So what fans want, fans get it! ;)

Now let's talk about the rules: 
 First, as always I would like you to tell me if you're in (Tell me if you'll do both project or if only one, which one you'll do) 
Like this I can put you on "The Participant List" and remind you about the projects if needed :)

  • The Birthday Project 2014:
 As I already say, this one will be an easy and quick one this year (as it is an a "Bonus" to the main project of the year that is The Wedding Project) to which a nice Happy Birthday to our Queen Robin on June 19th.

The idea of this video is a kind of Worldwide Tunnies Party video.
So, Each participants will have to send me a video of themselves (why not even pets, if you don't want to put yourself) or other dancing, singing, shouting, cheering with glasses of whatever....even do an harlem shake if you want lol
Just :

also try to have a little 
"Happy Birthday" 
said somewhere.
You can have a little messages put at a clever place too (it's not forbidden) , just be really dynamic & creative this year with it ;)

Longer of your video: No longer than 15 sec (tell me if you need more)

The deadline to send your part is June 1st

  • The Wedding Project: 
 It is a project to congratulate Robin Tunney AND Nicky Marmet on their wedding.

The idea here is to make a kind of "GuestBook" with congratulation messages, drawings, arts, photos...
Try to be a bit creative on what you're saying and doing (why not do as if you were at the wedding and say something like " by the way, the cake was delicious" or "loved the flashdance remake" for example)

Don't forget that this book is NOT ONLY about Robin... it's for Nicky too!
It's to congratulate BOTH OF THEM

The Deadline to send me your part is July 10th

Last informations:
In the e-mail add: Your Name, Country and Twitter (if you have one)
If the video for the Birthday Project doesn’t pass in the e-mail, because it’s too heavy, put it on a “File sharing site” (like rapidshare, mediafire….) and send me the link where I can download it or on youtube, you’ll also give me the link (but if you can do the file sharing site, it could be better)

Of course, as the two last year, I will send a package to Robin  with both projects in it. I will put online the Birthday video on Robin actual birthday date but she'll have the traditional CD with the wedding book.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me on my twitter (@Totorsg), tumblr, the site or by e-mail (links under the header).
  • Thanks to all the people who will be part of this project for our Robin. 
 Reblog, tweet, Link, Spread the word.

Robin is our Queen <3 

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