Monday, March 11, 2013

Tease + Date of the launch

Hello Tunnies,

I'm just posting a little something to tease you... haha! I know you love being teased ;p
First, i'm happy to tell you that i actually have two little gitfs which will be added to the CD with the video in the packet this year.
What is it?!.... haha! Surprise! Surprise! You'll only know that when everything will be ready to be send (don't be angry at me for that)
There is just only some Tunnies who know about it too. ;p

Then this week, i also gonna work on a possible other surprise for you all, that you'll also know only when everything will be done. I know, i'm doing a lot of mystery... i told you the post was teasing ;p

Robin Tunney Birthday video project 2013 will officially open next week, around March 22nd.

Stay Tuned

Robin is our Queen <3

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