Friday, March 22, 2013

Rules: Robin Tunney Birthday Project 2013

Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas, 

As some of you already know, i'm organizing, this year again, a Birthday Project for the Bday of our lovely Robin Tunney on June 19th

For those who participated to the project last year, the rules are the same. For those who weren't around last year, here are the rules :

  • All you need to do is to take a video of yourself, it will be a non verbal one. In it, I like you to write something about her, what you want to tell (how much you love her, what you think of her, what you like in her, thanking her for whatever…)
Of course at some point you HAVE to write “Happy Birthday” too, because after all this is the aim of this video, wishing Robin a Happy Birthday. 

 I’ll just ask you to keep it short, I have to put all of you in the video and in a minimum of time and Robin also has to have time to read what you wrote. (something between 10 and 15 seconds maximum maybe 20, if you really can't do it otherwise)

  • OR, if you prefer, you can also take pictures of you or send me a drawing, fanart... (you can send me 1-3 pics in functions of what you're doing, the number of people on the photo(s) and the amount of what you're writing as it is shorter than a video)  
I just want a mix of all that, videos and pictures. Don't be all doing only pics, i WANT videos more. The final video need to be dynamic.

What you’ll write can be on whatever you want : your hands, papers, cake, sand, face, wall…  do as you prefer and be as creative as you can.

Optional part : You can send me a record of your voice saying : “Happy Birthday, Robin”  in your own language or in English or both, you say it the way you wish. I'm not 100% sure i'll use those, this year but as i'm still thinking about it i prefer asking for it, too.  

In the e-mail add: Your Name, Country and Twitter (if you have one)
If the video doesn’t pass in the e-mail, because it’s too heavy, put it on a “File sharing site” (like rapidshare, mediafire….) and send me the link where I can download it or on youtube, you’ll also give me the link (but if you can do the file sharing site, it could be better)

The final project will be all your videos & photos gathered in one video.(as last year: here )

  • The deadline to send me your stuffs is June 1st

  • If you want to participate, send me a first e-mail or tweet me ( @Totorsg) or message me on the site to tell me. Like that I’ll be able to do a list of all the participants. It will help me to know how many we will be and who I have to remind about the project if needed.

Of course, as last year, i will send a packet to Robin with the video on a CD + 2 other little gifts i got for her (as i already told you and you'll see them only when i'll prepare the packet Surprise! Surprise!)

I'm also working on maybe another little surprise so... i hope it will work. 

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me on my twitter (@Totorsg), tumblr, the site or by e-mail (links under the header).
  • Thanks to all the people who will be part of this project for our Robin.
Reblog, tweet, Link, Spread the word.

PS: I also won't mind having some suggestions on the music for this year, especially that i don't want to use the same as last year so... i need suggestions. I'll certainly use "Green Eyes" but i need more music so... don't hesitate to send me a message with your suggestions on that. (of course music with which i won't be to annoyed because of the copyright, would be too bad that the video end up deleted on youtube for that)

Robin is our Queen <3