Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome on Robin Tunney Fans Project

Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas,

I decided to create this site about the Robin Tunney fans projects, as i have some futur project ideas, i thought it would be easier to gather everything in one site. so here it is!
I hope it is pretty enough for you, with my computer problem and first time at blogspot, i tried to handle as i could. ;)

Of course, i put everything related to The birthday video project 2012 on the site already.

If i also created this site now, it is that it will be soon time to launch The Robin Tunney Birthday Project 2013. As i had to change my plan, it won't be that much different from last year. I hope you'll be as motivated for this one than you were last year :)
But at least this year, you'll have more time to do it. (2 months- 2,5 months against only 1 month last year)

Then i also made a little post on futur project ideas (on the menu) free to you to go check that and see if it sounds good to you.

I think that's pretty much all i had to say for this first entry. Hope to see you arround.

Coming Soon... Robin Tunney Birthday Video Project 2013
Stay tuned
Robin is our Queen <3

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