Sunday, April 7, 2013

Robin birthday project 2013 : 41 participants

Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas, 

Just a little post to remind you that the project is launched!
The project is on since two weeks and i'm happy to tell you that we are 41 participants.
Also on those participants, 3 persons already sent me their stuffs.

We were 79 fans in the video of last year, so i'm counting on you to be as much as last year and even more for this year ;)

Don't forget to check the rules before making your part and don't hesitate to contact me via the site, e-mail, twitter or Tumblr if you have any questions or to just let me know that you are in, i'm here for that :)

I made a participants list that you can find here

I'm also reminding you that  The deadline to send me your stuffs is June 1st
So you have now, a little les than two months to send me your part.

and i'm also taking the idea of music into consideration (be careful about the copyright)

  • Thanks to the people who already sent me their stuffs and those who will be part of this project for our Robin.
Reblog, tweet, Link, Spread the word.

Robin is our Queen <3 

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