Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wedding Project: Robin Tunney

Hello Tunnies & Mentalistas, 

Just a little post to remind you that there is still the Wedding project going on so if you want to participate and congratulate the happy Couple, you're welcome to join :)

36 participants joined The Wedding Project. .
Also on those participants, 13 Tunnies already sent me their part/text/pic...

Of course, you can join at anytime :) 

For the Deadline, I'm changing because i'm susperstitious on this and don't want to send something without knowing it happened. 
So just send me your part as quickly & as soon as you made it.
Because the day we know they are married, I'll just let a week or 2 to wrap the thing.

  • Thanks to the people who already sent me their stuffs and those who will be part of this project for our Robin. 
  •  PS: If you can check the list to be sure your name and twitter name are correct thank you ;)
Reblog, tweet, Link, Spread the word.

Robin is our Queen <3 


  1. Hi when will you send the art, the congratulations. .. to Robin and Nicky for the wedding project. It's a long time we have not news about that. :/

    1. hey! yes, sorry. I'm actually waiting to know something about their wedding (because i prefer wait for them to really be married before sending any congratulations) so for the moment i'm letting the project open for people to send me their part and when we'll know something i'll wrap everything to send the wedding gift to Robin. :)